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5 Factors to Consider for a New Outdoor Feature in Your Landscape

5 Factors to Consider for a New Outdoor Feature in Your Landscape

Before you jump into this project feet first, here are some things to consider.

You want your yard to be a welcoming, relaxing place, a place where you feel comfortable and at peace. One way a lot of homeowners achieve this is by adding landscape features, like a grape arbor, a pergola, or a gazebo. Before you jump into this project feet first, here are some things to consider.

Is It Allowed?

Before you embark on this project, you need to check with your Homeowners’ Association and your local city or county regulations. You may have to adjust the qualities of the structure or obtain different permits depending on your location and its regulations. If you’re working with a professional landscaper, they can help you with this process.

What Will be its Purpose?

Why do you want the structure and how will it function? If you know you want to sit out there to relax and read, the structure will need different qualities than if you want to host dinner parties and entertain. Before you dig in, figure out what you want.

How Will It Fit?

This is where having a master landscape plan (and a professional landscaper) really comes in handy. Before you embark on a project, you need to be sure it will fit in your property. If you build a beautiful gazebo, but it is too big for your yard and it visually (and literally) overshadows everything else, you won’t be happy with it (and neither will your plants).

Put It On Paper

Draw the idea out on paper to really get a sense for the design and how it will fit. It is easy to dream about these ideas, but when you actually mark out your backyard, it sometimes becomes obvious that your dream of a 100 square foot deck won’t work in your 200 square foot yard.

Think About The Extras

While you’re dreaming of how it will look and how you will use it, think about what is needed logistically to make it happen. Will you need to run electricity or water across your entire yard to have an outdoor kitchen in your gazebo? If you do, is it worth the added expense, or is adding an outdoor kitchen to your existing poolside deck be a better solution?

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