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5 Ideas for Lighting a Patio

5 Ideas for Lighting a Patio
Enjoy a well-lit patio this fall with the help of Michael Bryan Landscapes!

As the weather grows colder and the evening comes sooner, there is no question that fall has arrived. Fall is an excellent time of year in Maryland, giving one a reprieve from the summer heat and beckoning one to enjoy the outdoors before winter ushers everyone indoors. One of the best ways to enjoy the season is at home, at your very own patio. With night falling so quickly, though, you’ll need a way to enjoy it longer. Check out these five bright ideas for lighting a patio.

String Lights

Perhaps the easiest way for lighting a patio is to use string lights. It’s a simple fix and has room for lots of creativity. One can arrange the string lights in different ways in different places: along the fence, along the house, above the patio in parallel lines, or diagonally over the patio, just to name a few. Having a pergola makes using string lights even easier.

Fire Pit

Another way to make light on the patio is to add a fire pit. This most natural light source can add a campfire vibe, though your fire pit can be as rustic or as classy as you wish. Everyone, even new homeowners, if you sell the house, will enjoy this feature. One can easily envision cozy gatherings around the fire in nearly every season.


Sconces are another sophisticated way to illuminate your outdoor living space. One can install scones against the house or against pergola posts; however your patio is situated. It’s a stylish and effective way for lighting a patio.

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape lighting is highly effective at lighting up an outdoor space exactly where you need it. Different fixtures serve different purposes; for example, some lights can be inserted into the patio’s border, under a sitting or retaining wall, or in the sides of a fire pit. These lights are especially helpful for illuminating dark corners and pathways and defining spaces.

Decorative Extras

For a decorative touch, one can use any kind of portable lighting such as solar lamps, lanterns, and candles. Jack-o-lanterns could add some spice to the scene at the height of fall. If you’re looking for patio installation help, Michael Bryan Landscapes is here for you!

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