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5 Ways to Light Up Your Deck

5 Ways to Light Up Your Deck

Enjoy your deck into the autumn evenings by adding the best deck lighting fixtures.

The fall is full of glory in November, and the days have become chillier. Although one cannot enjoy the fall colors into the evenings, as it gets darker sooner, a homeowner can enjoy the outdoors with the right kind of lighting. If you have a deck, you have the best platform to breathe in fresh air far into the fall. Below are five ways you can light up your deck.

1. Under the Stairs

Likely, your deck has steps leading down to the backyard. One safe way to add lighting to your deck is under the stairs. Easily installed, these lights can pave the way for traffic in a minimal yet beautiful way. Whether you have a lot of foot traffic or just your own feet to worry about, lighting under the stairs will be a sure way to keep you from tripping while adding ambiance.

2. Under Tables

If your deck includes an outdoor kitchen, under-table lighting is another great way to light up your deck where it matters most. Entertaining and cooking at the same time requires adequate lighting so that you can all see what you are doing and maintain safety. Fixtures under the table, like those under the deck steps, are also a stylish choice.

3. Post Lights

For all-around illumination, manufacturers have created post caps for the deck with a light inside each one. These can be helpful if you want to define the space when it is dark and work well as accent lights. To save on energy, you can also get solar-powered post lights.

4. Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can go in a variety of places, depending on your outdoor structure. For example, with a standard deck, your recessed lights can go in the floor along the edge or under the railing. If you have a ceiling over your platform, like with a porch or a balcony, the lights can go in the ceiling. 

5. Strings, Lanterns, and Torches

The most basic way to light up your deck, though, is through string lights, lanterns, and torches. These can be effective, inexpensive, and easy to add to your deck. However, if you would like a more permanent solution, deck lighting, as mentioned above, is the better way to go. 

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