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6 Flowering Plants for a Maryland Fall

6 Flowering Plants for a Maryland Fall

Flowers aren’t just for spring and summer. Here are just six flowering plant species to make your Maryland fall more colorful.

We still have several more weeks of summer before the temperatures and leaves start to change. While we’re still enjoying the last of the summer flowers and foliage, with crape myrtles coming into full bloom with their pink and white clusters, there is still more to enjoy come fall. In fact, fall, as well as spring, is the best time to plant new flowers, shrubs, trees, and the like. To make the most of your Maryland garden this fall, take a look at the six flowering varieties below.


Chrysthanemums, better known as “mums,” is the quintessential fall flower. Coming in a number of colors including white, yellow, golden, dark red, orange, pink, and more, mums are hardy plants with a bush-full of flowering stems. 

Great Blue Lobelia

The great blue lobelia is a late-summer blooming plant that grows up to about 3-4 feet tall. Like a foxglove or salvia, it blooms forth delicate purple and white flowers. A native to central and eastern Canada and the United States, it thrives in wet or moist soil. 


Also called “false sunflower,” heliopsis is a cheerful plant with many flowers. As the name suggests, its flowers have many rays of bright yellow petals and brown centers. Also native to North America, heliopsis can happily grow from 3-6 feet in height. While this plant requires very little maintenance, regular trimming can benefit its health and shape.


Another herbaceous plant, goldenrod (solidago) is a part of the aster family. Often confused with ragweed, goldenrod is not a plant that causes allergies. In fact, it cannot cause allergies because it is pollinated by insects rather than the wind. Goldenrod is a tall plant with yellow tufts of blooms. While it thrives in meadows, suburban gardeners can also apply it to their own yards.


Candytuft, a native to southern Europe, is a hardy evergreen plant that can thrive year-round. It makes for a sturdy border plant to edge gardens or to flow over garden walls. It is dense and is topped with many little white blooms. 

Joe Pye Weed

This native plant grows tall and wide, even up to 10 feet tall. It is a favorite of bees, butterflies, and more, and is named after a man who used the plant for its healing properties.

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