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6 Tips for Watering Outdoor Plants

6 Tips for Watering Outdoor Plants
Taking care of your outdoor plants requires specific watering practices. Check here for the tips!

Throughout the summer, watering the landscape is more complicated than one might imagine. In fact, it may be a surprise for some people to learn that watering outdoor plants is required at all. Watering practices themselves are not so simple; one bad habit can cause runoff, a lopsided root system, drought, and fungi. When watering your plant this and every season, be sure to follow these six tips.

1. Water Early

Watering early in the morning is the prime time to water any part of the landscape, whether it is the lawn or the garden plants. The cool night preps the roots for a refreshing drink. In the heat of the sun, water can evaporate too quickly or even boil the plant roots. The evening is a second-best option, but can attract insects and mold growth.

2. Water Long

Plants like to take in long-enough drinks, dry out a little bit, and drink again. Just as human beings find a long draught to be nourishing, plants enjoy longer watering periods over short sips, so to speak. Therefore, water your plants generously, but not enough to waterlog their roots.

3. Water the Roots

Make sure to administer water directly into the soil, around the base of your plants, rather than from overhead. The water can evaporate more when showered from on high, wasting this precious resource. The plant in question may also have broad leaves, preventing the water from reaching the roots at all and encouraging fungal growth on the leaves. Remember to water all the way around the plant’s base for even root growth.

4. Use Irrigation

Irrigation is a fantastic way to water outdoor plants. Different types, particularly drip irrigation, administer water droplets directly into the soil in a controlled manner. Drip irrigation systems waste less water and are especially useful for vegetable or flower gardens.

5. Water By Hand

Even with your sprinkler and drip irrigation systems set up, not every plant can thrive without watering by hand. Young trees and shrubs need extra care to help them become established in the land. Similarly, container plants need regular watering because they dry out more quickly.

6. Use Mulch

Many gardening experts are firm believers in using mulch. Mulch or compost insulate the soil, helping it to retain moisture and nutrients and prevent weed growth. Adding this material can further aid your outdoor plants.

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