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How to Add Landscape Lighting to Your Yard

How to Add Landscape Lighting to Your Yard

Landscape lighting can create a myriad of beautiful effects. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

Landscape lighting can have multiple functions for one’s yard. Lighting, properly designed and placed, can expand one’s home while making it even more beautiful. Before you think about buying some lights to place around the house or yard, however, it’s best to plan out the best spots and best kinds of lighting to accentuate your property. Here are some tips on how to add landscape lighting to your yard.


When designing an inviting landscape, one should let the progression of lights be gradual. No one wants to step onto a dark property and get surprised by bright glares of lighting at the door. Nor is it comfortable to go from a very bright place to a suddenly dark one. Start with fewer lights in the front, and build up the illumination as you progress to the front door. The placement of the lights should lead one’s eye on to the next point, rather than creating a continuous stream of light. Therefore, make sure to not put them too close together.

Along Dark Points

As we’re going along this path, it is good to note that it’s the darkest spots on a property or path that might need lighting up. This way, you can avoid tripping or missing your way on a dark path. Lighting at intervals can help to define areas such as a bench, stairs, deck, and patio as well.

You will also be able to secure your house better from possible intruders. 

Focal Points

However, the darkest points are not the only points that may need some lighting. Focal points such as the front door, a landmark tree, and a fountain or sculpture can become stunning and defining features of a property when lit up at night. When uplighting a tree, shed some light on the trunk as well so the lit-up leaves do not look like they’re floating. Use two or more lights on a focal point, crossing the beams so that the light can have a fuller and softer effect.


Landscape lighting can also create ambiance. One can create different effects, such as a moonlight glow, a wide wash, a glowing garden. Bullet, wash, LED, canopy, down, up, flood, and well lights are types of landscape lighting available to illuminate your yard. Do-it-yourselfers can install a simple system fairly easily. For a more complex design, it is better to have the professionals draw out the plan.

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