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April Landscaping Tips

April Landscaping Tips

April is the season for preparation, plantings, and more!

April is already here, and what better time to take care of your garden or have the professionals at Michael Bryan Landscapes handle the work for you? April is a critical month to perform different landscaping tasks, namely the ones below. Below are your April landscaping tips to keep in mind when the month rolls around.

Clean Up

The first step is to make sure your garden is clear of debris, dead stalks and leaves, and weeds. Some plants, like some hydrangea species, need their old branches to sprout new and bigger leaves in the spring, but some species, like peonies and tiger lilies, will leave their old stalks and leaves behind. Weeds will crop up in April, and it never hurts to start weeding early.


Sick or dead branches of trees and shrubs need pruning to keep the plant in shape. Pruning can also help keep the plant balanced if it has grown in an awkward way. It is better to prune shrubs when they are still in their dormant season, as cutting back while growth hormones are raging can make the plant grow more aggressively.


The next step is to prepare the ground. If the ground is hard and clay-like, one can hire a pro to aerate the soil and make it more garden-friendly. One can also apply weed killers to the soil that deaden weed seeds before they germinate. It is also a good time to fertilize the soil.


If you have aerated your lawn, you might also want to reseed it so that bare spots grow thick with healthy grass. April landscaping tips also include an urgency to plant; March is a good season to begin growing plants by seed, but April is a great season for planting sprouts, annuals, perennials, shrubs, grasses, and trees.


April is the first month when the weather truly begins to get warmer in Maryland. April landscaping tips would not be complete without leaving room to create. April is a time to create new gardens and new outdoor living spaces and explore new horizons. 

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

When you work with Michael Bryan Landscapes, you are bringing your landscaping vision to life with a team of experts who are committed to the quality of their work on your home. Whether you want to design a landscape for your outdoor space, build a deck, or install a stone patio, our team of experts is ready to help you make it happen. Since 2009, we have served Maryland and Northern Virginia with a variety of landscaping, hardscaping, design, and installation services that not only keep your outdoor space looking great but working as efficiently as possible to meet the needs of your family throughout the year. If you are ready to get started with your landscaping project or service today, call us at 443-203-1951 or email us at Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for updates and weekly landscaping tips!

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