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August Landscaping Tips

August Landscaping Tips
August has only just begun! This month is perfect for these landscaping tasks.

It is already early August, and the summer is still in full swing. If you are an avid gardener or love to keep a healthy, immaculate yard, you will know that there is always something to do in the garden. August is no exception. At this time of summer, one can help the landscape flourish with these August landscaping tips.

Prune Your Plants

Over the spring and summer, your shrubs, trees, and groundcover have sprouted new shoots and might need a trim. By August, the growing season is basically over in Maryland and prime time for you to cut your boxwoods, hollies, roses, etc., back to size.

Divide Perennials

August is the month to divide your perennials to promote fuller growth next year. Bearded iris, daylily, hosta, oriental poppy, and other species need dividing every 3-5 years in order to thrive. Dividing perennials is relatively easy; usually, it just involves splitting tubular roots or plants into multiples and replanting them.

Water Shrubs

August might see little rain, which means that your shrubs and evergreens might need a little help. Watering your shrubs and evergreens once a week now can help them to stay hydrated over the winter.

Continue Lawn Care

Lawn care doesn’t end in August. There are plenty of ways to promote a healthy lawn, such as continuing to water it 2 or 3 times a week and fertilizing it. You could also take this time to get rid of that pesky crabgrass and aerate and overseed the lawn.

Kill the Weeds

Your last battle with weeds occurs in August. If you have a good rain, weed the landscape afterward, when the soil is still moist. The loosened dirt makes weeding much easier! Remember to get the roots; otherwise, they will sprout back stronger than ever.

Plant New Plants

By the end of August, your annuals and perennials might start to look a little worn out. If you intend to add flowers, shrubs, grasses, etc. to your yard, look to plant them at the end of this month. Plants love cool, mild climates and soil, and can have a chance to establish themselves over the winter. Need help? Contact Michael Bryan Landscapes!

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