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Backyard Fence Checklist

Backyard Fence Checklist

As fall approaches, take these steps before installing your new fence.

Perhaps you have moved into a home, are thinking of buying a home, or have owned your place for a long while. While there are plenty of considerations in what would make your ideal home, such as the state of the kitchen and bathrooms, the location, and the price tag, you will also want to consider another, often-overlooked facet of a home: the fence. The right fence can add great value to your home. Before you go any further, though, check out these steps to proceed in getting that new fence.

1. Know Your Reason

Knowing why you want a new fence will be key in determining the kind you want to get. Fences come in many designs to fit various functions, such as privacy, pet containment, sound-proofing, intruder-deterrent, and curb appeal. Pinpoint why you want a fence, and your choice of fence will become much easier when you face all those fence designs.

2. Call a Land Surveyor

Next, you will want to call someone to survey your land and determine where your property line is. It is important to be very clear about this fact so to avoid legal disputes, and simply taking or giving property unjustly. Don’t depend on what your neighbors say either; call the land surveyor and see what he says for yourself.

3. Know the HOA Rules

Your area will have specific rules regarding fencing. You can find these out through your local homeowners association (HOA.) The rules can apply to the minimum and maximum height of the fence, its location, and its materials.

4. Check In with Neighbors

Before you make the big dig, check in with your neighbors to let them know of the changes that are about to take place. Make sure that these changes are okay with them and are not inconveniencing them in any way. This will foster good communication and neighborly concern. 

5. Plan Your Fence Maintenance

Lastly, make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of owning a new fence. Some fencing materials require more regular care than others. Wood fences in particular need annual cleaning, sealing, and staining or painting. Your vinyl or aluminum fence will also need a hosing-down once in a while. Prepare to keep your fence looking nice so you and your neighbors can enjoy its beauty and charm. 

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