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Backyard Pond Design Tips

If a backyard pond suits your fancy, check out these pond design tips!

Everyone loves to live by the water and hear its soothing sounds by day and night. No matter where you live, whether on a waterfront property or the mainland, you can still have the water close by with a backyard pond. If this feature seems like something that would suit your landscape well, check out these tips to help you get started on a plan.

The Look

Garden ponds can come in a wide range of styles, from modern to formal to natural. Each style may require different pond liners and other building materials. For example, poured concrete may suit a modern pond, preformed liners for formal ponds, and flexible liners for natural-looking ones. Design the look based on your sense of style and your home’s architecture.


It is best to choose a spot in your backyard that has the best viewing from indoors and outdoors, so you can enjoy the garden pond from either of these vantage points. If you include a waterfall, you will need to make sure an electrical source is nearby for the pond pump. Avoid placing the pond underneath trees, since the shedding leaves can more easily create muck and your water plants will need sunlight. Also avoid putting it at a low spot where flooding can occur.

Size and Depth

It is easier to take care of a large pond rather than a small, shallow one. Bacteria and algae grow more quickly, and the pond can freeze over if you live in a colder climate. If you plan on having fish like goldfish or koi, bigger is better. Experts recommend building a 1,000-gallon pond at least three feet deep for koi, which will help them avoid ice, pollution, and predators. A pond that has 1,000 gallons and is three feet deep will be about 6×8 feet.


Adding appropriate plants to your garden pond takes away the need to maintain it with expensive chemicals. Some pond plants are good aerators, providing necessary oxygen for the pond’s health. The pond style you choose will determine the arrangement, species, and amount of plants you have. Look to your pond installer for the best plant recommendations.

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