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Beneficial Insects for Your Garden

Beneficial Insects for Your Garden
Let these native insects help you have a healthier yard.

It can be a challenge to keep a landscape looking immaculate. Flawless lawns and perfect rose bushes don’t come that easily, and typically are the result of professional care and maintenance. While humans can help preserve different plants and find ways to kill off invasive fungi and pests, nature can help us out as well. You can reduce the amount of effort you put into the garden with a variety of native, beneficial insects.


It is no secret that bees are beneficial insects for the garden. Pollinators are essential for the propagation of plants, which in turn feeds animals and people. One doesn’t have to be a beekeeper to attract these insects into your yard. Plant native species that bees will enjoy, like single-headed flowers for easy reach, and provide other amenities like a bee bath or bee home. Make sure that your flowers bloom at staggered points throughout the year.


Ladybugs are not only classic, but also helpful to your yard. They feed on pests like aphids, mealy bugs, and spider mites. A concern about releasing ladybugs into your yard is that they tend to disperse rather than stay in one plot of land. They may work well in greenhouses, or if you give them plenty of food and water to occupy themselves where they are. When releasing ladybugs, spray water mist onto your plants so they will fly on for a drink.


Lacewings can be green or brown, but green ones are more common. Their larvae eat aphids and other soft-bodied pests. As adults, though, they like nectar plants including geraniums, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. One can buy lacewings commercially.

Ground Beetles

Over 2,000 species count as ground beetles, a beneficial insect that eats slugs, snails, and many other pests. Some say they eat any pest that moves. These hard-shelled creatures are drawn to stone pathways, compost piles, and clover. Therefore, there’s no need to eliminate clover weeds from your lawn or garden entirely.

Assassin Bugs

There are around 160 species of assassin bugs in North America. Ambush bugs, a subset of the group, lies in wait and swiftly attacks its prey. They kill by inserting venom into their food. They are characterized by a long, narrow head and a teardrop-shaped body.

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