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Best Backyard Drainage Solutions

Best Backyard Drainage Solutions
Does your backyard have flooding? A drainage solution could help!

With hurricane season and summer rains, Maryland can become a wet zone fast. The lawn and landscape are no exception to this, and can quickly become swamped. If left alone, the remaining puddles can become a breeding ground for insects, deaden the grass, and erode the soil. Thankfully, a professional landscaper can recommend the best solution. Here are the most common backyard drainage solutions that you may find useful.

Proper Grading

Grading is the leveling of the ground to prevent water damage to a building’s foundation. In residential landscapes, professionals grade the soil to slope away from the house, walkways, and the driveway, often toward the street’s storm drain. If the property has minor grading issues in which water collects, surface grading can even out the land and prevent future puddling.

French Drain

As for drainage systems themselves, the French drain is the most popular. It is especially useful for backyards with clay-like soil, which does not drain well. A French drain consists of an underground pipe that slightly slopes away from the house, letting gravity take the water further into the soil directly or into a dry well. Gravel surrounds the piping. Some homeowners keep the gravel path exposed, but others cover it up with soil and turf to blend in with the yard. The system often connects to the house’s drainage pipe.

Surface Drain

If you have a section in your hardscaping, such as your walkway or driveway, that tends to flood, a surface drain could be the answer. It consists of metal grates that cover a catch basin, from which stormwater can flow into an underground pipe system and away from the property. A surface drainage system can sit both in hardscapes as well as in yards. If there is a grading problem, multiple catch basins can sit near the home’s foundation.

Rain Garden

Lastly, a rain garden is a small ditch in a landscape in which a wide variety of plants may grow. A qualified landscaper can plan for the water to trickle into the garden, in which it can saturate into the soil slowly and feed the flowers, grasses, etc. Rain gardens are suitable especially for land with a high water table. Should you need any of these drainage solutions, Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help.

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