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Best Mulching Practices in Maryland

Best Mulching Practices in Maryland

Keep these mulching tips in mind for the best results! Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help!

Mulching your garden beds and trees is a beautiful and organic way to keep weeds from taking over your landscape and protect roots and bulbs over the seasons. Mulching is a science, and there are many steps and methods to consider to make sure you get the most out of it. Below are some of the best mulching practices in Maryland to keep in mind.

Prepare the Bed

The first step of mulching is to prepare the garden bed. It is a good time to trim any shrubs or trees in the vicinity and maintain plants as needed. Once you have groomed your plants for their health or into better shape, you can go ahead and take care of the ground itself.

Put Down the Right Thickness

If you have a new garden bed with no mulch, one can put down mulch about three inches thick. It is best to avoid putting down any more than this, as it will become harder for the mulch to decompose and more difficult for the roots below to get oxygen. After you have mulched the bed once, one can put down fresh mulch for two inches total of mulch thickness.

Room for the Tree Trunk

Mulch can both provide nutrients to roots and harm plants if installed incorrectly, especially for trees. When mulching around trees, one wants to avoid creating a volcano of mulch, where it piles up around the base of the tree trunk. Leave room at the edge of the trunk and keep the mulch bed flat around the base. Otherwise, the mulch could cause moisture to build up around the trunk and cause it to rot.

Edge the Garden Bed

Without borders for your garden beds or tree trunks, the mulch can easily spill out into your lawn or your walkways. One can create edging in different ways. One of the simplest is to create a natural edge by cutting a border into the dirt with a shovel or a special edging tool. Your mulched beds will remain neat and tidy!

Hire a Professional

If you don’t have time or energy to do it yourself, Michael Bryan Landscapes is happy to help you perform the best mulching practices in Maryland. We will help determine the right type of mulch and the right time of year to apply it. Call us for more details!

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