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Best Placement for a Barbeque

Best Placement for a Barbeque

What’s the best place for your backyard grill? These tips can help.

Your backyard grill is the cooking powerhouse of your outdoor living space. It is where you can cook burgers and hotdogs on a casual afternoon, or prepare a multi-course meal with the finest ingredients. It is one of the most important parts of your backyard. Where exactly to put it can take strategy, however. The best placement for a barbeque depends on these factors.

Taking Account of Wind Direction

When choosing the best placement for a barbeque, one must know what the typical wind direction is in the backyard. The wind or breeze will generally blow in one consistent direction, and that will help you determine what direction to let the smoke blow. You don’t want to let it blow into the house or toward an outdoor sitting area. There is a way to get around blowing smoke, however. One could experiment with a wind shielding wall on one side of the grill.

Not Too Close and Not Too Far

Another factor is how close or far the grill is to the house. You want the grill to be set close enough to allow easy access between the kitchen and the grill, but set far enough that the grill does not threaten to ignite the house. Typical places for a backyard grill include on a deck, on a patio, or on a pool deck.

Shade from the Rain

It is nice to be able to use the grill no matter the weather. Whether it is raining or shining, you can still use the grill if you place it under a shade structure of some kind. One idea would be to put it on the ground level under a high elevation deck, or under a pavilion or solid-roof pergola. No matter what, do not enclose the grill entirely. Allow for plenty of ventilation on the sides.

Overhead Clearance

While it can be helpful to have shade overhead, even if from a large, leafy tree, you do want to give enough clearance around the grill to keep anything from catching fire. Your specific grill will have instructions on how far to keep it from flammable objects, such as low-hanging branches and your house. If in doubt, give the grill at least 10 feet of space from flammable items.

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