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Best Spot for a Backyard Gazebo

Best Spot for a Backyard Gazebo

Placement is key for any outdoor feature, including a gazebo. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

A gazebo is a beautiful feature for any backyard; there is something classy and luxurious about having a gazebo on your property. However, placement can make or break your enjoyment of it, so this aspect is essential to consider before installing one. This quick guide can help you determine the best spot for a backyard gazebo in your yard.

Best Spot for a Backyard Gazebo: Purpose

Where you decide to place your gazebo depends on the size of your backyard and how you intend to use it. Below are the purposes you might use it for; with this knowledge, you can determine how it might apply to your yard.


Gazebos have solid roofs, ideal for providing shade at certain times of day in areas where you would usually not receive any shade. If you like to sit outside at a particular hour, but the sun beats down on you, you could place the gazebo there.


If you would like to enjoy this spot in your yard no matter the weather, a gazebo could also allow you to do this. Gazebos provide shelter from the rain and even the snow. If you primarily want to keep out of the rain, placing the gazebo closer to the house might be wise.


Do you want a covered place to entertain guests outside? If this is your primary focus, you can keep your gazebo close to the house, possibly connected by a patio, deck, or walkway. That way, you have little distance to travel between the kitchen and your outdoor area.

Alone Time

Are you looking to create a private area in the garden? A gazebo can be a romantic or cozy area. It can be your sanctuary. In this case, you might want to prioritize its location away from the house.

Best Spot for a Backyard Gazebo: Time of Day

When would you like to use your gazebo? Timing can also influence the best spot for a backyard gazebo. See where you can get the best views and light, depending on if you want to sit outside in the morning, midday, afternoon, or evening.

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