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Best Time to Install a Swimming Pool

Best Time to Install a Swimming Pool

Any time of year is decent for pool installation, but some seasons are better than others.

Michael Bryan Landscapes, located in Pikesville, MD, serves residences in Maryland and Virginia in more ways than one. Although landscaping is one major part of their profession, they also install hardscapes, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, outdoor features, and swimming pools. For pools, they can take care of the entire installation process, from digging up the ground to filling in the water. If you’re ready to make your dream staycation by the water a reality, consider what the best time to get started is.


Summer is the time to cool off and jump in the water. It’s when everyone wants access to the swimming pool. However, it is also the busiest time of year for pool contractors who are installing, maintaining, and repairing others’ pools. In Maryland’s humid conditions, summer can be a difficult time to do yard work. Although the summer is a fine time to install a swimming pool, it may take time for the contractor to reach you and make for uncomfortable working conditions. 


The end of summer and the fall season has its benefits for installation. When the weather starts to cool, business for pools gets lighter, and you may even see some discount opportunities emerge. Fall is the best time for everyone to clean up for the year and maintain what they have. Although these cool, dry conditions are perfect for outdoor projects, installing your new pool now would mean waiting until the late spring or summer until you can finally enjoy it.


Although it does snow in Maryland, the winter season is often barren and dry. Pool contractors are looking for projects to accomplish during this slow time of year, so they would be willing and swift to help with the installation. You will also likely see lower prices because of the lower demand. Starting at this point would also give you more time to plan for water features and maintenance solutions. By the time you can take the first dip, you may have every feature already in place.


Spring is when business starts to get busy again. The weather is still decent for outdoor work, but spring showers and thunderstorms come around most from April through early June in Maryland, causing delays. Nevertheless, you can likely jump into your new backyard feature the moment it is complete.

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