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Best Way to Water the Lawn

Best Way to Water the Lawn
Water your lawn with precision using these best practices!

Watering the lawn during the hot summer months can be more complicated than one thinks at first. There are all sorts of sprinkler systems on the market, and the elements of soil, sun, and seed turn watering practices into a science. Different types of plants need different kinds of watering methods. Flowerbeds, for example, can benefit most from drip irrigation. In this post, we shall focus primarily on the best way to water the lawn.

Early in the Morning

The scorching Maryland sun rises early and sets late, heating the topsoil throughout the day. Just as human beings can become overheated, so can plants, especially when soaked in moisture. It is best to avoid watering the lawn at midday, as the water can cause the grass to boil. The best time to water the lawn is in the morning, when the ground has had a chance to cool at night.

Long and Deep

Grass grows better when it has a chance to take in oxygen, nutrients, and water deeply. A long, deep watering will produce deeper, thicker roots. For Maryland summers, it is best to water the lawn for twenty to thirty minutes, two or three days a week. With your irrigation timer, you can set the sprinkler system to automatically water the lawn at these set times. 

No Excess

Watering lawns isn’t always so simple, especially if your yard is smaller or has an unusual shape. One should avoid letting water spray trees, fences, sidewalks, or anything other than the grass. Doing so will save you money and prevent wasting water in the long run.

Best Equipment

The way to get the most efficient watering done for your lawn is to have the best equipment. There are many different variations on the regular sprinkler system, and one or more of those will fit your yard watering needs best. Some models include fixed, rotary, in-ground, and traveling, which act as a sprinkler version of a lawnmower. For your landscaping needs, contact Michael Bryan Landscaping today!

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