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Best Ways to Enjoy Your Patio This Winter

Best Ways to Enjoy Your Patio This Winter

Get the most out of your patio year-round through these five ways.

More and more often, homeowners are looking for the best ways to make their outdoor living space an extension of their homes. While the patio may once have been off-limits for lounging once the chill hits, patios can now accommodate for finishings and furnishings that allow one to enjoy the fresh, clean air of the outdoors even when it’s cold and dark. If you don’t want to stay cooped up indoors, check out these ways to enjoy your patio this winter below.

1. A Cover

No matter how you furnish your patio with comfortable, weather-proof seating and heating features, nothing can stop the snow from piling onto the area besides a roof or other covering. There are numerous shades, awnings, and other covers from which to choose. A pergola may even suit well.

2. Privacy Screens and Trees

Besides a covering of some sort, the most fundamental way of increasing comfort outdoors is to block the wind, especially if the air is humid. The more humidity in the air, the worse one feels the wind’s temperature. One way to help with this is through a privacy screen. These screens can come in a wide range of materials, like bamboo, metal, or vinyl. It will both give your patio privacy from the road or neighbors, and cut out the wind’s bite. Alternatively, strategically planting evergreen trees can also block the humid wind. Make sure, though, to know exactly where to plant.

3. Heating

Next, it’s time to bring in a heat source. A patio will never be the same in the cold without a source of warmth to draw people there. An outdoor fireplace can make a majestic statement, made of natural stone. Some homeowners like the chimera, a Mexican-style chimney. If a fireplace does not work for you, a space heater can do just as well for warming up the scene.

4. Seating

Believe it or not, heated outdoor furniture exists. It is another level of comfort. However, it is often pricier too. Get comfortable seating that can take the elements, and don’t forget to stock blankets and pillows nearby.

5. Lights

Lastly, remember to light up the patio. The right outdoor lighting can create ambiance and showcase your yard, besides letting you see where you’re going! 

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