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Best Wood for Decks in Maryland

Best Wood for Decks in Maryland
Considering a new deck? Take a look at some of the best wood materials on the market in Maryland.

Michael Bryan Landscapes provides a full range of landscaping services, including plantings, outdoor lighting installation, and drainage solutions. They deal with more than just plants and soil, however. Deck installation and services are available as well, with which you can realize the ideal design, installation, and maintenance of your outdoor living platform. If you need insight into which material might be best for your deck, consider the best wood for decks in Maryland below.

Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated pine is by far the most affordable wood for decks in Maryland. Usually, manufacturers use yellow pine or douglas fir for pressure-treated deck lumber. In the pressure-treating process, the wood is permeated by special preserving chemicals that protect the wood from insects and rot. A sealant must be applied to prevent weathering, however. For this reason, pressure-treated wood needs sealing once every few years to keep the wood in its best shape. Even so, the average pressure-treated wood deck will last for several decades intact.


Cedar is often considered an upgrade from pressure-treated wood, as it is rot and insect resistant, containing natural repelling oils. Cedar has an aromatic scent and is relatively easy to work with. One should be aware that there are numerous types of cedar decking, including the Atlantic cedar, which is natural to the coastal plain in the eastern U.S. The only downsides of cedar are the higher cost and the potential for splintering.


Redwood is certainly one of the best options for wood decks, as it also contains natural resins that resist insects and rot. Its hardiness makes it less likely to warp or split like pressure-treated wood might, and it is the most fire-resistant wood as well. Unfortunately, supplies on the east coast are likely more limited than on the west coast, as redwoods are more abundant in the west. One should routinely apply a sealant on redwood that contains UV protection.

Exotic Wood

Meanwhile, if you are going for a high-end, exotic look with your deck, exotic woods like mahogany, ipe, Brazilian hardwood, and tigerwood are just a few options. These woods are highly durable, but are relatively harder to drill through and cost significantly higher. For more information on what is most available, affordable, and appealing for your Maryland home, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes!

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