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Brick Paver Patio Problems

Brick Paver Patio Problems
Have you seen these brick patio problems? Installation done right will keep these at bay.

Brick is a historic and classic material for walkways and patios in Maryland. It can give nearly any property a sense of stability and Old World charm. If you are thinking about getting a paver patio yourself, you may have heard of some paver horror stories already. While there are plenty of brick paver patio mishaps out there, though, a properly installed one will not have those issues. You need not worry that they will happen again with a well-done installation.


One of the most common brick paver patio problems around is sinking in certain areas. There’s no way you can set a nice outdoor dining set onto an uneven brick terrain! The reason sinking may occur is due to a problem with the base. It may have unresolved drainage issues or an uneven base.

Poor Drainage

Signs of poor drainage include not only sinking places but also excess water where it should never be. Improper grading of the patio could lead to washed out spots in the lawn or garden bed. Water could also flow toward the house, leading to major damage in the home’s foundation.


The base of a brick paver patio is not properly installed if you find weeds growing between the bricks. Foliage should never grow in the patio; polymeric sand should fix that issue. This type of sand is specially designed to keep the bricks tight and plant seeds out. However, it is important to install the sand professionally to ensure that it does its job.

Slanting Edges

Another problem with brick paver patios is that the bricks at the perimeter may start to slant away from the patio toward the lawn or garden. The bricks may have gaps and start to leave the structure entirely. Edging that is at least six inches wide should hold the bricks together, but if this fails, the individual blocks will separate. Again, it could also be an issue with the base.

Tripping Hazards

Lastly, one may see bricks with staggered heights around the patio. A base without proper compaction is generally the cause. This unevenness can be a tripping hazard and has more reason to call an expert to fix the problem sooner. 

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