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Brick Pavers 101

Brick Pavers 101

Thinking of repaving your patio, walkway, or driveway? Here’s why a brick paver may be your choice.

If you are considering a renovation of your patio, walkway or driveway, a paver is the number one way to go. A paver is designed specifically for laying on the ground around a property. They can be made of clay, stone, concrete, and brick. Brick pavers in particular are versatile and highly sought-after for residences. Here’s an outline on brick pavers, the what, why, and how of their existence.

What Is a Brick Paver?

A brick paver is made of clay, a readily available material in many states, including Maryland. Each brick is solid and flat, unlike face bricks, which have holes going through the center. Those are used for garden walls, houses, and other vertical structures. Any solid, flat brick will do for a paver, but some companies have manufactured bricks to lock together more easily for a tighter fit.

Style of a Brick Paver

Because brick can be gotten used from old building sites or made new from different regions of the country, one can get a variety of shades and colors from brick pavers. One can get creative with the color or colors they choose to stylize their outdoor living areas. One can also choose different cuts of bricks or patterns they are laid. For example, the bricks could be beveled, or they could be straight but create a herringbone pattern. In any case, brick architecture will never go out of style, as it is an ancient and beautiful building material.


The installation of brick pavers is quite straightforward. Typically, a professional will level the ground underneath, removing any of nature’s weeds and debris from the space. Then he may lay down a fabric or plastic to keep weeds from sprouting between the bricks. Then he will add a level layer of sand, lay the bricks, and washed down. Brick naturally expands and contracts with temperature, and no mortar is needed. 


After a time, though, cracks and nature may take over. The standard way to take care of cracks is to fill them with sand. One can use biodegradable soap and a hose to wash off moss and stains.

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