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How to Care for Your Hardscape this Winter

How to Care for Your Hardscape this Winter

By properly caring for your hardscape in the winter, you can avoid weather-related damage.

Because your hardscaping is so durable, you may forget that it’s important to winterize hardscape structures just like every other aspect of your landscaping. By properly caring for your hardscape in the winter, you can avoid weather-related damages as well as aesthetic problems with your patio or walkway come spring. There are a few common winter problems to look for with your hardscaping. Here are a few tips for caring for your hardscape this winter.

Seal Cracks

First, you’ll want to inspect your hardscaping and make sure that any existing cracks are addressed. Sealing small cracks now will keep them from growing when water and snow freeze in the cracks through the winter. Your hardscaping is integral to your landscaping, so you want to do everything you can to avoid large, unsightly cracks or severe breakage that could make your patio or walkway unusable. Sealing cracks now will help prevent future damage, preserve the look of your outdoor space, and also extend the life of your hardscaping.

Clear Drains

It is also extremely important to clear your drains. Whether you have outdoor hoses, garden irrigation pipes, or storm drainage in your hardscaping, be sure to check out the drains when winter weather starts to pick up. You’ll want to make sure debris isn’t building up around your drains that can encourage flooding on your hardscaping. Frequent flooding can exacerbate cracks and carry over into your lawn.

Protect Hardscape from Harsh Treatment

Finally, you’ll want to protect your hardscaping throughout the winter. Chances are, you’ll be de-icing a lot through the winter to prevent slipping, falling, and potential injuries on your hardscaping. Try to stick to calcium-based de-icing products or natural rock salt to avoid damage to your hardscaping by harsh chemical use. These chemicals can damage pavers and bricks. Metal shovels can also damage your hardscaping through the winter, so it’s important to be extra careful when it comes to your snow removal. Try plastic or rubber-edged shovels to treat your pavement, brick, or stone more gently through the winter and keep your hardscaping looking beautiful for enjoying and entertaining come springtime.

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