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Choosing a Retaining Wall Material

Choosing a Retaining Wall Material
There are several factors to consider when choosing a retaining wall material.

If any part of your residential property contains a steep slope, there’s a good chance it uses a retaining wall in at least part of its landscaping design. If you are looking to landscape a sloped area, using retaining walls is an excellent way to divide it into manageable levels. Whether you are building anew or replacing an old one, there are several considerations to make when choosing a retaining wall material.


Size is one factor that will affect what material you use. If you are using a smaller, shorter one, you will not need materials made for sturdy, heavy-duty applications. For example, a commercial retaining wall that is 10 feet tall may require boulders or poured concrete, which are heavy and solid enough to support the soil behind it. A small garden wall might use stacked stone, brick, or concrete blocks. Another popular and affordable option is to use treated wood boards.

Water Exposure

Another factor to consider is water exposure. Different parts of Maryland have more or less exposure to moisture, bodies of water, and humidity. In particularly humid areas, it may be better to go with stone, brick, or concrete, since wood will eventually rot over time. If the retaining wall material you choose is wood, you can make its life last long by sealing it every few years and checking its drainage system.


Lastly, you will need to consider appearance. Choosing the aesthetics for the wall is the very last step to take in your design, as all other factors, from type to material, are necessary to cement before choosing the final look of it. Even so, this step is just as important as the rest building up to it. There are various types of natural stone available, including flagstone, bluestone, and river rock, but concrete also comes in countless styles. Just like with driveway designs, concrete retaining walls can be stamped, colored, stacked, etc. 

To choose the best option, take cues from your home’s architecture and match the style and color scheme. This task, however, is easier said than done. For expert advice on how to achieve a fantastic retaining wall, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes!

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