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Christmas Landscaping Ideas

Christmas Landscaping Ideas
Incorporate these Christmas plants into your landscape for year-round holiday foliage!

Decorating the house for Christmas is one of the most cherished parts of the season for many people. Stringing lights on the roofline and porch, hanging a wreath on the door, or putting candles in the window really makes it feel like the joy of the season has arrived. There are ways to decorate for the holiday that you don’t have to wait till the cool weather hits to appreciate if you plan your landscape with the winter holidays in mind. With the right Christmas landscaping, your holiday decorating could stay up all year, and no one would even bat an eye (since to them, it’s just plants). Read on for fun plants to include in your next landscaping project that will do double duty as Christmas decorations next year. 


Holly is a Christmas classic in many ways, from its natural color combination of green leaves and red berries to its inclusion in many iconic Christmas decorations. Adding holly to your landscape can be a great choice throughout the year, as well as during the holiday season. In season, you have a natural red and green decoration in your landscaping as well as a source for free decorative holly sprigs to add to wreaths, centerpieces, or gifts. In the off-season, as it were, the holly can be a great choice for access control, as the spiky leaves are enough to make most trespassers think twice. 


Evergreen trees are another iconic part of Christmas décor that can stay up all year if they’re growing in your yard. Plant “Christmas trees” as part of your landscape and decorate them to your heart’s content right out there in your yard. Once the season ends, take the decorations down and leave the trees for shade and beauty year-round that won’t add to your leaf raking


This Christmas staple is most often seen in pots, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a try in your landscaping. As long as you wait till after the risk of frost has passed, you could plant those poinsettias you got this year and see if they take. They can be finicky as outdoor plants, however, so do your research first.

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