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Christmas Plants for Your Landscape

Christmas Plants for Your Landscape

Spruce up your landscape for Christmas festivities already implanted for the holidays.

Plants come in all shapes and sizes and bloom in different seasons. At Christmas time, you want to make your landscape look the part. Decorating your house with lights isn’t the only way to make your property look nice for the holidays. Simply and elegantly, you can prime your landscape for the holidays by having them around year-round and never look out of place. Below are a few Christmas plants you can use to decorate your landscape for many years.


Spruce and other evergreens are a must-have for any Christmas yard. Landscape designers will put at least one evergreen on the property so that when the winter comes, your land will not look completely barren of any greenery. If you think you have enough spruce, pine, or conifer in your yard, or you do not have space to plant a tree, purchasing a spruce, cypress, or another tree in a planter can also make a festive impression.

Yew Bushes

Yew bushes have a long history in Christmas celebrations in Europe. Celebrators would cut sprigs of it and gather them together with other traditional festive plants. Yew bushes are deep green year-round and can be prune to whatever height and shape you’d like. In winter, they bear red berries much like those of the holly. Remember, though, that the yew plant is toxic to humans and animals.

Holly Bushes

Holly is another traditionally essential species of Christmas plants. In Victorian times, no Christmas card was complete without the emblem of the holly. Even before Christmas celebrations, the ancient Romans used holly as a symbol of good fortune and a protection against illness. Hollies are evergreens with classic red berries that can offer a yard privacy.


Meanwhile, several varieties of boxwood are another fantastic choice for creating year-round greenery. Just like other shrubs, boxwood can grow quite large and will need yearly pruning to keep it from growing wild. It offers privacy, a place for birds to nest, and another object to string lights around.


Is Christmas greenery complete without mistletoe? It is the plant that adds the final charm (or terror) of a stolen kiss. One can purchase mistletoe and grow it in the yard. Know, however, that mistletoe is a parasite that takes root in tree trunks. At the same time, it creates prime nesting ground for birds and is a vital food source for three butterfly species of the United States.

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