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Cleaning Your Paver Patio

Cleaning Your Paver Patio

Keep your paver patio clean and beautiful with these handy tips!

A paver patio can add a great deal of beauty and value to your property, changing the very feel and functionality of the place. Michael Bryan Landscapes in Maryland is happy to help you select and install the right patio for you, whether it be concrete, natural stone, or brick. All good choices, they also need good maintenance to stay in their pristine condition once installed. If you are getting a brand new paver patio soon, here is some information on cleaning your paver patio. It might take some time and effort, but the results are more than worth it!

Clear Away Plants & Furniture

The first step is to clear away anything that would currently sit on the patio. Take away your potted plants, furniture, grill, portable fire pit, lattices, etc., so every dirty square inch of the patio is in reach. Removing these items can also prevent them from damage as you clean.

Remove Weeds

The next step is to pull up or scrub off any weeds or moss growing on your patio. Washing the patio naturally will not uproot those plants, so now is the time to pull them up before they cause any more trouble. Be careful to not dislodge your pavers when performing this task.

Rinse the Pavers

Next, rinse the pavers with a garden hose. Getting your paver patio thoroughly wet will help to loosen dirt and prime it for washing. Although it is a popular method for cleaning paver patios, pressure washing is not an ideal solution and many say to avoid it. Indeed, it is better to be safe than accidentally blast off the sealant or finish of your pavers.

Scrub with the Right Solution

It could be that water is all your need to get rid of the dirt on your patio. However, there will likely need to be some pressure involved. In lieu of a pressure washer, a scrub brush or scrub broom is the best tool for the job. If necessary, use a mild, non-acidic detergent from a store or some very warm, degreasing dish soap with water. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary.

A note on vinegar: There is much controversy on the Internet regarding whether it is safe to use vinegar of any kind to clean your paver patio. Due to its acidity, it can ruin the paver’s seal, and so is best avoided for patios.

Seal the Pavers

Allow the patio to dry fully. If it has been two or three years since you last sealed your paver patio, it is time to do it again. This will protect its surface from ingrained dirt, mold, and mildew.

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