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How to Create Color in Your Garden Throughout the Year

How to Create Color in Your Garden Throughout the Year

While surrounded by color in the summer, you may consider how to keep it around all year. Here are a few tips.

At the height of summer, we often do not think about how to better improve our gardens. The flowers are blooming and the leaves are green. You may have noticed, however, that your spring flowers have left their gangly leaves and stalks behind. In the heat, a slight wish for fall and winter may creep up on you. At the same time, it will be devoid of the bright, cheerful colors of the warmer months. In summer, fall, winter, and spring, you need not be without some color at any point. Several ways exist for you to enjoy the best of nature’s hues year-round.


Stagger Blooming Seasons

First things first. You will want to use perennials for a stronger, longer-lasting (and money-saving) garden. However, instead of ordering an array of popular or exotic spring flowers such as snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips, plan out with the help of your landscape designer a bouquet of vegetation that will flower at different seasons and cover greater spans of time. 

Use Your Range

The collection of plants you use doesn’t have to all be of the herbaceous kind. Shrubs, grasses, and trees can also help out. In Maryland, the crape myrtle is a popular tree in suburban areas that blooms deep pink clusters, usually from late July through early September. Japanese maples provide a deep, dark red throughout the year. As for shrubs, forsythia sports bright, delicate yellow on its spindly branches in the spring. Rose bushes tend to bloom throughout the summer.


Winter is a special case, as its aesthetics tend to have different textures and shapes than in the vibrancy of summer. For starters, installing evergreens will keep the color going. Besides evergreens, certain plants will decay in a way that gives ornamental beauty in the coldest months. Some plants, in this dry form, will cast shadows in pleasing patterns on the snow.

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