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Creating a Private Front Yard

Creating a Private Front Yard
Need privacy for your front yard? Here are several landscaping ideas!

Privacy is often a prized possession in the backyard, where close family and friends can gather. Sometimes, though, creating a private front yard is also a splendid idea. Is this idea right for you, and what are the best ways to implement it? Find out here below.

Reasons to Create a Private Front Yard

Some front yards are less private than others, and the more privacy one can get from pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers while you are enjoying the yard or your dinner in the dining room, the better. This reason alone is why many front yards have some form of privacy landscaping. Other reasons include:

  • Having a small or non-existent backyard
  • Living on a busy street
  • Needing security
  • Creating outdoor living space

Install a Front Yard Fence

One simple method of adding some privacy to a front yard is to install a front yard fence. This might not completely hide your house, but it certainly sets the boundaries. One should be careful to consider local front yard fence codes, such as height and positioning.

Design with Shrubbery

A very common yet effective method is to add an arrangement of shrubbery to the front yard. It does not have to consume the entire yard, yet it can be an island of evergreen that blocks the most direct view into your house and yard. If not an island, one can consider making a border out of nothing but tall, wide shrubs like hydrangea, rhododendron, boxwood, lilac, or laurel.

Scatter Some Trees

Another way to add privacy is to plant at least one tree. Even one tree, such as a maple, oak, or evergreen, can provide a sense of separation between the street and the yard or house. However, trees will add much more shade, which may or may not be desirable.

Add Plants, Shrubs, and Trees

Lastly, one can create a private front yard by layering different species for a rich landscape display. Starting with flowers or grasses in the front, with shrubs behind them, and ornamental trees behind those. Everyone who passes by will enjoy the display and marvel at it. They won’t notice the private front yard behind it.

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