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December Landscaping Tips

December Landscaping Tips

Winter is here! Keep your landscape looking great in several key ways!

December might be cold, but it is also one of the jolliest months of the year. The lawn and landscape do not need much care, but there are still ways to make sure they do well and enjoy them in this season. Different planting zones call for different landscaping needs; Maryland falls between zones 5b and 8a. Check out these helpful December landscaping tips below!

Mind the Hardscapes

One might not immediately think about the hardscapes when thinking of December landscaping tips. Hardscapes such as the driveway, walkways, and patio can be susceptible to cracking over time; winter is just as good a time as any to fix cracks immediately before water settles in to freeze and thaw.

Rake Remaining Leaves

Some parts of Maryland might still see autumn leaves clinging to trees. If you are still waiting for the last of the autumn leaves to fall, it is still beneficial to rake the leaves even in December. Taking the leaves away will limit the chance of mold, fungus, and pests building up among clumps of leaves and on the lawn.

Mulch Plants & Crops

Tis the season to tend your garden plants, fruits, and vegetables through pruning and mulching. Pruning dead, diseased, or displaced foliage can be done anytime throughout the fall or the winter, as can mulching. Layering mulch over your bulbs and vegetable or fruit garden plants can help protect them from harsh temperatures.

Aerate & Seed the Lawn

December is also a fine time to aerate and seed the lawn, granted that no snow is on the ground. In Maryland, that means you likely have plenty of time. Aeration loosens compacted soil, keeping it well-oxygenated and nourished. With loosened soil, grass seeds have more room to grow and thicken.

Feed the Birds

After all December landscaping tips have been followed, you can get to enjoying the garden in new ways. One way is to set up a bird feeder and maintain the birdbath if you have one. It’s a great way to provide for wildlife and have winter entertainment.

Bring in Outdoor Furnishings

Don’t forget to bring outdoor furniture, sculptures, and unused pots indoors for winter! Keeping these items in the shed or garage will keep them from getting damaged by winter weather. Otherwise, it is a good idea to place a well-fitting cover over outdoor furniture.

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