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Deck or Patio: Which Is Right for You?

Deck or Patio: Which Is Right for You?

Deck or patio? That is the question to answer when considering the perfect outdoor living space.

When the weather outside is gorgeous, few people want to remain indoors. That counts for the cold seasons, too, when the frightful weather of the night leaves the morning fresh and crisp. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors without leaving home is to install a deck or patio. Which one might be right for you?

The Difference Between a Deck and Patio

A deck has a support structure underneath it and typically comes in wood, composite, or vinyl. Carpenters can design and build a deck at various levels, from close to the ground (platform), to mid-level, to high. They can have multiple levels, or even be free-standing. 

A patio, meanwhile, goes directly onto the earth and is made of natural stone, concrete, or brick. It may or may not attach to the house. 

Pros and Cons of Decks

The pros of a deck are plentiful. For starters, it is free from the influences of the ground level with its supporting structure below. If the ground is uneven, it can handle that. Secondly, a deck is higher than a patio, and so gives one a better view. They are also highly customizable, with floor patterns, stain colors, and lighting of all kinds from which to choose. 

On the other hand, decks are more expensive than patios. The expense of the installation may be partly why the return on investment is higher, though. It can also wear, warp, and splinter over time and require maintenance to keep them in sound condition, especially wood ones. Moreover, a homeowner usually needs a permit to own a deck. Check your local area to see the requirements for having one installed in your backyard.

Pros and Cons of Patios

Patios, too, have their benefits and drawbacks. As they are made of stone, concrete, or brick, they are longer lasting than wood, composite, or vinyl. They are the best foundation for adding extra outdoor features, like an outdoor kitchen, a fountain, or a sitting wall. Because of their low location, they may offer you more privacy than if you were elevated. 

Unfortunately, patio materials can crack over time; brick can shift as the ground moves. Patios are not for uneven terrain, and they can require more labor to install than a deck. The stone can also stain, especially if you cook outdoors. Also, if you step outside on one freezing day, your patio may be a slipping hazard.

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