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Does Singing Help Your Plants Grow?

Does Singing Help Your Plants Grow?

Can singing, music, or kind words help your plants grow?

How much power do words have? How much power do words have when sung? The world is a mysterious place, and the mystery can apply even to the gardening and landscaping world. For decades, people have experimented with the effect of different sounds on plants. For example, how do plants fare when they hear classical music vs. rock music? What about speaking kindly to it vs. insulting it? Does singing help your plants grow? Let’s take a look, considering a wide range of evidence.

What Do the Studies Say?

Some online sources suggest that there is scientific evidence, while others say there is none or the results are mixed. Some people and even studies have seen positive results for some sounds that plants hear over others, while others have not. The results are indeed mixed, but it does not mean that no one can expect positive results.

Scientific experiments generally look at how different vibrations affect plant growth. Overall, it seemed that plants benefited from some vibrations of human speech rather than silence. One study concluded that plants liked female voices over male voices. Given the seeming evidence that plants benefited from some sound rather than none at all, it doesn’t hurt to entertain your plants with your vocal cords.

Outside of the scientific community, you can find personal testimonies of people who had success in reviving or injuring their plants based on how they spoke to them. 

Carbon Dioxide Supplement

One theory that suggests that singing helps your plants grow is that they also can receive more carbon dioxide from you. The more carbon dioxide they can take in, the more oxygen they can give back to you. It is a win-win for all!

A Life to a Life

Sound vibrations and carbon dioxide can help plants thrive, but there may be more to singing to your plants than meets the eye. Some argue that human beings can influence their plants’ health by their positive or negative sounds toward them, not merely on a material basis, but because plants are, in some sense, alive.

Regular Plant Care Still Matters

Even if you do find that singing helps your plants grow, they still need basics like sunlight, water, and nutrients. If you are ready to amplify your landscape, Michael Bryan Landscapes is here for you!

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