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Dry River Bed Ideas

Dry River Bed Ideas
A dry river bed is perhaps the most stylish way to divert water off your property. Here are a few ideas on how to create one!

In landscaping, a dry river bed is a path of stones or another such material that allows excess rainwater to drain off the property. Any property can use a dry river bed, and they are especially useful for areas with sticky or rocky soil. One doesn’t have to have just a plain design, though, and frankly, every dry river bed is different. Here are several simple and creative dry river bed ideas!

Smooth and Round

The simplest method of creating a dry river bed is to use smooth round stones with a more or less uniform size. These stones best mimic the look of an actual river bed, which has round stones smoothed by the constant flow of water. Your landscaped riverbed can be any color you’d like such as tan or gray and any shape like straight or curvy.

Stones & Boulders

If your yard is big enough, you could use boulders or large rocks as part of your riverbed design. Properly placed boulders add a variety of shape, size, and texture. Most often, you will see larger rocks creating the borders of the dry riverbed path. 

Sea Glass

An unusual but workable idea is to use sea glass instead of rocks as the riverbed material. Many people use blue glass pebbles. This option can get very creative, with some examples including a display river in a fairy garden, a blue river teeming with sculpture fish, or a blue stream spilled from an overturned pot. Smooth stone pebbles typically line the edges.

Lining the Garden Bed or Path

Dry river bed ideas include different location ideas. Some will line the garden bed, making a distinction between the flower beds and the lawn. Others border a walkway or driveway, leading down to the sidewalk or street. Others still divert rainwater to an out-of-the-way part of a property.

Under the Spout

What location is more suitable for a dry river bed than under the rain spout? Instead of using the traditional plastic drainage diverter or extender, why not create a dry river bed? This is a small but highly effective and stylish project.

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