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Fall Landscaping Guide

Fall Landscaping Guide
Wondering how to tackle this year’s fall cleanup season? Check out this guide.

Fall is in full swing, and it’s the season for taking care of those end-of-year outdoor projects and cleanups. In autumn, you can enjoy the best of Maryland’s cool weather and the beauty of the leaves. You can also take advantage of this time and prepare a beautiful landscape of your own come spring. If you’re wondering where to start this season, here is a general fall landscaping guide.

Lawn Care

Pull Weeds

Weeds mostly spread their seeds and germinate in the spring and summer. While pulling them out or applying herbicides in the early spring and summer is beneficial, extracting those plants in the fall will give you less work to do next year.

Mow the Lawn Short

Until the grass grows dormant, you’ll want to mow your lawn to two or two-and-a-half inches. If the grass is long, it can get matted and harbor diseases over the winter.

Seed the Lawn

Now is also a great time to seed the lawn to help them establish themselves sooner. You can plant warm-season grasses in August and early September, and cool-season grasses throughout the fall.

Rake the Leaves

Don’t forget to rake the leaves! The quintessential fall landscaping activity, it helps keep the lawn free of infestations and infections. Instead of throwing them out, you can compost the leaves.


Water One More Time

Some experts recommend watering your lawn and plants deeply one last time before shutting off the irrigation system. It is best done after raking all the leaves.

Close the Irrigation System

Closing your irrigation system, also known as winterizing, prevents its pipes from bursting from compressed air in freezing temperatures by blowing out any excess water and checking for faulty parts.


Plan Next Year’s Garden

The coolness that comes after summer’s intensity makes for excellent growing conditions for plants. Now is the time to make changes to the existing landscape; you can also plan out a three-season garden to keep the blooms coming spring through fall.

Plant Perennials

In particular, perennials are best planted now. Perennials will come up every year with no need to constantly buy and plant new ones. This category includes spring bulbs and native species.

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