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Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Fall is here! Keep these items on your fall landscape checklist!

With autumn finally here, you will start to see some adjustments in your typical yard work. As summer fades into fall, the landscape changes, and so do your landscape’s needs. To help you keep up a beautiful and healthy lawn, here is a helpful fall lawn care checklist to guide your fall routine.

Continue Mowing

First, there are some tasks that you will continue to do throughout the fall, and one of these is mowing the grass. You will need to keep cutting the grass until the grass stops growing for the year. In the meantime, you will want to slowly mow the grass shorter to prepare it for the winter. 

Continue Watering

The lawn will also continue to need watering. One can set the sprinkler on a timer to water your lawn two or three times a week for 10-20 minutes at a time. Although Maryland is not particularly frigid, having had plenty to drink in the fall helps grass survive throughout the winter.


Dethatching the lawn means removing the layer of built-up dead grass from the lawn. If your lawn has thatch, the healthy, living grass can become stifled. One can use a handheld dethatching tool, or call Michael Bryan Landscapes to help you keep a healthy autumn lawn.

Aerate and Seed

Another way to help dethatch your lawn is to aerate it. Aeration is the process of pulling up small plugs of dirt from the lawn and letting the soil resettle. The result is a looser, more oxygenated lawn in which grass roots have more room to fill. If you have too little grass in certain patches, you can throw down some seeds right after aeration.

Remove Weeds

If your lawn has a lot of weeds, weed killing should be on your fall lawn care checklist. A professional can help you select and use the right product in the right way. You may need to use a specific product based on whether you have cool-season grass or warm-season grass.


Some weed killers will contain fertilizer in them. Nitrogen is a nutrient that warm and cool-season grasses need to gain potent benefits, and lawn fertilizers come with plenty of it. Michael Bryan Landscapes can not only help you choose the best fertilizer but apply it as well.

Rake Leaves

One mustn’t forget the most obvious fall routine for your fall lawn care checklist: raking the leaves. One method is to rake them all at once and store them in the compost pile or send them to the dump. Otherwise, one can mulch them with the lawnmower for added grass nutrition.

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