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Why Fall Tree Care is Crucial for Your Landscape in September

Why Fall Tree Care is Crucial for Your Landscape in September

While many think of summer storms when they first think of pruning, fall is just as significant.

After the scorching temperatures, increased risks of storm damage, and the threat of pests has passed, you may be wondering what care needs to be done for the trees in your landscaping. While fall tree maintenance is undoubtedly less intensive, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty to do. In fact, fall tree care is just as essential for your tree’s overall well being and success through the winter. Calling in a professional tree service to help complete your care routine is a great way to ensure that your landscaping has every advantage.   

Ensure Moisture Levels

As we head into fall, the temperatures may drop, but precipitation may not increase. Particularly if you have young trees in your landscaping, you may want to start using a watering program. Additionally, adding a new layer of mulch and fertilizing your soil is a great way to ensure that moisture levels are right and that your tree’s roots are better protected from the dropping temperatures.

Treat Your Soil

The old adage, “you are what you eat,” applies just as much to plants as it does to humans. Increasing the vital nutrient levels in your soil is an essential step to ensuring that they’re growing their best. If the ground has become overly acidic, too compacted, or has lost much of its nutrients, fall is an ideal time to work on remedying your soil woes.  

Prune For Winter

While many think of summer storms when they first think of pruning, fall is just as significant. It’s much easier to get a clear picture of which trees and limbs are diseased or have died while the rest of the foliage is still green or in the process of changing. These limbs should be removed as soon as possible. When winter arrives with its ice storms and heavy snow, it will be much safer if any at-risk limbs have already been removed. Additionally, many trees and shrubs grow better and more cohesively if they are given a good trim in either the fall or early spring.

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