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Fall Yard Clean-up List

Fall Yard Clean-up List

Take care of your fall landscape through the fall clean-up checklist below.

Fall is fast approaching! One might even say it’s come. As the leaves slowly fall and cast a crunchy carpet across your yard, it’ll soon be time to think of caring for your yard in this next season. Below is an overview of what you should do for your fall yard clean-up.

Clear the Leaves

This is an obvious one, and the one that typically makes fall, fall. Clearing the leaves from the ground will keep pests from cultivating inside them. You can also use these fallen leaves into a bin or pen, and use them next year as rich compost. 

Clean the Gutters

As you are collecting leaves, you can gather even more leaves together by cleaning out the gutters where such debris like to settle. Keeping clean gutters keeps mold, mildew, and seedlings away and also keeps your home’s drainage system free from clogging and flooding.

Aerate the Lawn

The fall is an excellent time to aerate the lawn and keep water, such as melted snow, from pooling on the surface. Aeration will help your land drain water and also get water to the grass’s roots. 

Feed with Phosphorus

For a healthy, thick carpet of green grass in the spring, now is the time to fertilize your yard with a phosphorus-rich mixture. This is a final feed for the push through winter.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn one more time will help keep the grass less prone to disease. One inch and a quarter is a good height for which to aim. This will also make extra falling leaves easier to rake up, as the leaves will not get caught in the long grass.

Plant New Foliage

The fall is also the time to plant new shrubs and flowers. Some plants do best when planted in the fall. The cool, moist soil allows them to become better established early on. Pansies also make great fall flowers. Planted now, they’ll add some color and come up stronger in the spring. 

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