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Fantastic Deck Lighting Ideas

Fantastic Deck Lighting Ideas

Take inspiration from these lighting ideas for your backyard deck!

As the days begin to shorten, the time to spend outdoors before it gets dark also shortens. With the proper lighting, you can enjoy your backyard deck into the evening, relishing time with friends and family or alone. These deck lighting ideas are the fundamentals to keep your outdoor space usable, safe, and beautiful.

Deck Stair Lights

Deck stair lights are perhaps the most important kind of deck lighting to have. The staircase is where tripping is most likely to happen and poses the greatest safety risk. Therefore, lighting up your stairs with deck stair lights is a great way to keep them safe at night. Deck stair lights are built into the stairs either on the stringers or the risers.

Deck Railing Lights

Another way to light up your deck staircase and platform is to add string lights or built-in lights to the railings. LED strips also work. There are many options for deck railing lights, and one can put them along the bottom or the top of the railing. 

Deck Post Cap Lights

Among your options for deck railing lights is deck post cap lights. These lights are designed to sit on top of your deck railing posts; they can be electric or solar-powered. Placed on every deck railing post, they can sufficiently light up your deck and deck stairs.

Deck In-Floor Lights

Decks can also come with in-floor lighting to light up the bottom edge of your deck. They don’t have to highlight the edges alone, though. You can also use them to create unique patterns in the middle of the deck platform, if you so desire.

String Lights

Built-in lights add luxury and functionality, but string lights are just as useful and have a hint of festivity. String lights can hang on your deck railing or above on your pergola, gazebo, or deck poles. 

Floor or Table Lights

Outdoor floor and table lamps also help serve the need for light and ambiance. Solar or battery-powered lamps and lanterns are excellent additions to make your backyard deck feel like home.

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