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Flower of the Month: Aster

Flower of the Month: Aster

September is the month of the aster! Let’s learn more about this varied, ancient species.

The aster is a flower that describes over 250 species seen worldwide, from China to Europe to the States. It is known for its yellow center and many small, straight petals radiating from it, and these petals can vary widely in color. They are common in gardens and wild fields alike; could this flower of September become part of your garden? Here’s more about the aster, its history, and care.

Aster Flower of the Month of September

The birth flowers of September are the Aster and the Morning Glory. The aster tends to go into full bloom in September. Their most common color is a light purple, and they tend to grow in bushy clusters. Along with its flowers in September is the celebration of the festival of St. Michael and All Angels on September 29, which is why another name for the aster is the Michaelmas daisy. Other known names for this plant are starwort, star plant, and sparewort.  

Aster Flower Meaning and History

The name “aster” comes from the Latin for star, “stella.” “Aster” was even an Old English synonym for “star.” Due to its many possible colors, the aster was a symbol of variety in the language of flowers, but today can also represent devotion. 

Its name also has mythological roots, stemming from the myth of the Greek goddess of innocence, Astraea. According to the myth, she became the constellation Virgo after the earth became corrupt and shed tears onto the earth that became these star-shaped flowers. 

There are so many species of aster, and each one has a botanical name, and different ones have become more or less popular over the centuries. While the China aster was a popular annual in Victorian England, North American varieties also traveled to Europe, and hybrid varieties spread through the United States and Canada. 

Aster Planting and Care

Asters typically enjoy full sun and moist, well-draining soil. It is best to plant each one 1-3 feet apart and plant in the spring or fall. One can find species native to the U.S., such as the New England aster, the New York aster, and the Maryland golden aster.

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