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Flower of the Month: Daisy

bee on daisy

It’s April, the month of the daisy!

If you were born in April, your birth month’s two flowers are the daisy and the sweet pea. When we think of a daisy, a humble flower with white, radiating petals and a yellow center might come to mind. We might imagine a cluster of Shasta daisies or the bold and colorful Gerbera daisies. Even the velvety African violet might pique our thoughts. April is one of the best months to explore the wide world of its flower of the month, the daisy.

What Species Is the Daisy?

The species of daisies span worldwide. They may have varying common and taxonomic names, but all belong to the vast family Compositae, or Asteraceae. Within this family are the sunflowers and asters, like the golden aster and New England aster, which are native in Maryland. However, they would not be your common daisy.

One of the most common types of daisies would be Bellis perennis, or English daisy. Other names for it are dog daisy, ox-eye daisy, moon daisy, and Marguerite daisy. This flower is the typical white-petaled, yellow-centered specimen we imagine a daisy to be. 

The Daisy in Literature & Culture

The daisy is a common, humble flower that some might even consider a weed. It is a flower of the roadside, the meadow, and the mountain, but it is one of the most iconic of all. We have sayings in our culture such as “fresh as a daisy,” “pushing up daisies,” and “oops-i-daisy.” In literature and history, the daisy could be a symbol of prettiness, the grave, thoughtfulness, and church calendar celebrations. In ancient times, the flower was a medicinal ingredient.

Growing Daisies

It is popular to grow Shasta daisies and English daisies together to form a luscious mass. You don’t want to have a few spindly stalks in your yard. These daisies like full sun and loamy or sandy soil. It is best to plant them in spring after the last frost or in fall. If you plant by seed, you can expect them to flower the second year.

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