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Front Yard Outdoor Living Ideas

Front Yard Outdoor Living Ideas

A front yard can be much more than grass; check out these inspiring ideas here!

The front yard is often an open lawn, perhaps featuring some border plants or a large shade tree. In many residences, the front yard serves no purpose except to be a visible natural landscape. Believe it or not, your front yard can be so much more than just a patch of grass to mow. These front yard outdoor living ideas can give you the inspiration to get started. Just be sure that no HOA rules would prohibit you from carrying your ideas out!

Social Front Porch

You do not have to refigure your front yard completely to have an outdoor living space at the front of your house. A front yard outdoor living space could be your front porch. If your home already has a front porch area, you could turn it into a clean, welcoming space to entertain guests or relax on your own.

Public Front Yard Patio

However, some people take their front yard outdoor living space a step further and build a permanent patio in the front yard. This patio could be in the middle of the lawn or be very close to the front of the house. It can be an open, inviting area where neighbors and other friends can congregate.

Private Front Yard Patio

On the other hand, you could also create a private front yard patio with some landscaping help. If your front yard layout allows, you can plant evergreens, bushes, and other plants that hide away a patio. This patio could house your outdoor seating area, dining area, or fire pit.

Fenced-In Front Yard

Perhaps you have kids or pets that could use the front yard to run around and play. Perhaps your home is on a main street. Depending on your community’s rules, you may be able to build a fenced-in front yard. You can also add plants along the interior or exterior of the fence.

Front Yard Garden

The front yard could also be a place where you enjoy the bounties of nature. It could be a designated cutting garden, native species garden, or a vegetable garden. Whoever passes your property will enjoy the garden sights as well.

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