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Gazebos, Arbors, and Pergolas

Gazebos, Arbors, and Pergolas

An outdoor structure is a perfect way to enjoy your yard. Between gazebos, arbors, and pergolas, which is best?

A garden is an inviting getaway, a place to be surrounded by a cultivated form of nature. With all the beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees around, how can you enjoy it best besides walking around? An outdoor structure makes a statement, creating an area in which to enjoy your garden even greater. Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas are the most common types of outdoor structures, but how does one know which to choose? Read on each one below.


A gazebo is a stately edifice with an open front and multiple sides Sometimes, benches are built around the inside. Gazebos are typically low-maintenance and form a great entertainment space. This structure, unlike arbors and pergolas, has a solid roof, enabling the occupant to enjoy it in foul weather. It can also be used as protection against the bright summer sun. 

As a free-standing structure, there is flexibility in where to place it. Aim to get the best view from the gazebo of the garden. Gazebos typically are on the edge of a property. Also consider the proper size for it to best fit the property. The design and material of the gazebo should echo a repeated pattern already existent throughout the space in pathways or the architecture of the house.


An arbor is a decorative yet practical piece of outdoor architecture. Like a pergola, it is a framework on which plants can grow rather than a solid structure for shelter. However, arbors can provide some level of shelter. They also create boundaries between spaces and direct the traffic flow. Arbors are typically seen as an entryway into the backyard or a feature within a garden. Sometimes they have a bench built low on each inner side. 

Adding an arbor to one’s yard tends to increase the property value as well as show off some hefty foliage. An arbor is a great way to add a little magic into your space, a leafy portal between worlds.


The pergola has some similarities to an arbor, yet is very much different. A stately structure, a pergola can be attached to a house or stand on its own on four columns. Its roof consists of beams, which help filter out some of the sun’s rays while allowing you to catch some of the warm light. Furniture may be more flexible for a pergola than for a gazebo, and like an arbor, one can grow vines of flowers or even fruits and vegetables on it. To make a statement while providing a little shade, a pergola may be your best option.

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