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How to Fix Puddles in the Yard

How to Fix Puddles in the Yard
If you notice standing water in your yard, there is a solution.

Puddles and standing water in the yard can be troublesome, especially during the heavy rains of April. While some puddling may be expected, standing water could prove to be a real but fixable problem. Below, you’ll find out the causes and ways to fix puddles in the yard.

Causes of Standing Water in the Yard

Heavy Rains

First, during Maryland’s spring showers and summer thunderstorms, it will be natural to see some standing water. During heavy rain, the water may collect faster than it can drain. If you notice any of the other problems, however, you can help it drain faster.

Clay Soil

Some parts of Maryland have clay soil, which inhibits the rain’s ability to drain into the ground. If this is the case with your yard, you may need to aerate the soil or install a permanent drainage system, like a French drain or a dry river bed.


Thatch is the dead material left behind from grass of previous years. Thatch is a matted layer of dead grass that can stay within the lawn if not taken care of. Raking the lawn in the spring can help remove it.

Improper Grading

Every residential property is carefully graded so that rain and snow can trickle off the land into the nearest storm drain or dry well. If the grading has an issue, it could easily lead to puddling in low spots that shouldn’t be there. How to fix puddles like these, however, is for the next section.

Ways to Fix Puddles in the Yard


If the puddling is minor, you may be able to fix the problem yourself by adding more soil in those soggy areas. If the standing water is extensive, you will need professional help to survey the land and regrade it properly.

Aerating and Overseeding

Aeration entails using specific equipment to pull up plugs of soil to loosen the dirt. Then one can seed it over so it grows a dense layer of healthy grass.

Drainage Installation

Improving drainage can be as simple as breaking up hard clay soil with a shovel or a drill. If the hardpan is more than two feet deep, one could hire a pro to install a French drain, which sits underground, or a dry river bed, which is a natural hardscape that leads water to the nearest dry well or storm drain.

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