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How Long Can You Keep a Pool Open?

How Long Can You Keep a Pool Open?

Hot or cold, rain or shine, you can keep a swimming pool open all year if you like!

A swimming pool is a joy to many, and a backyard swimming pool is built-in backyard delight. The traditional time to open and close a swimming pool in Maryland is between Memorial Day in spring and Labor Day in fall, but is it necessary to open and close at that schedule? How long can you keep a pool open? It turns out, you can keep it open as long as you like.

Keep a Pool Open All Year Long

It’s possible to keep a pool open all year long and never close it. You can keep your pool all winter long, but you will need to take the precautions to keep it from freezing. In Maryland, you can keep the pool open through different means as described below, especially as our winters are typically milder than in the northeast.

Why Keep the Pool Open All Year Long?

There are a few benefits to keeping a pool open all year that could make it worth it. One reason is the enjoyment of the pool. If you absolutely love swimming in your pool, why not do it all year round? Swimming is great exercise and therapeutic for the joints. 

You can continue to have pool parties when people least expect them. There’s Christmas in July, but you could also have “July” in Christmas with an open swimming pool. If you have a pool and have guests over for Christmas, you could invite them to bring their bathing suits.

A swimming pool is also beautiful to behold. Whenever you aren’t swimming, you can enjoy the sight of a lit-up pool at night amid snow-covered grounds

There’s no need to worry about reopening the swimming pool in spring. You won’t have to clean off the algae and reset the pool’s chemicals come May. That’s just another benefit to keeping your pool open all year.

How to Keep the Pool Open All Year Long

Understand that running your swimming pool during winter will cost you more on your electric bill than a usual winter might. That being said, you will need to have a pool heater and keep your filter pump running. You can set an automatic timer to schedule when your pool is running. A pool cover can also help keep your water insulated from freezing temperatures.

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