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How to Deal with Crabgrass

How to Deal with Crabgrass
Crabgrass can be a major problem in Maryland’s summer lawns. Here’s what you can do.

The lawn is the place to play games, hold gatherings, and even relax. A smooth lawn is pleasant just to look at, with its smooth, rich green texture. However, one of the most common lawn fiends to ruin this picturesque scene is the aggressive weed called crabgrass. Here, we shall take a look at what it is and how to deal with it.

What Is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a broadleaf weed with stems going out radially. Leaf-blades attach along these stems. They are an annual plant but produce thousands of seeds each year that germinate when the weather gets warm. Once they sprout, it is difficult to remove them completely. In nature, the plant does an excellent job of retaining soil and preventing erosion. However, the species will compete with regular grass for nutrients, which is one of the reasons why people do not like it on their lawn. Also, it isn’t attractive.

Crabgrass Prevention

The best way to deal with crabgrass is to prevent it from sprouting at all. A pre-emergent herbicide inhibits seed germination so that it cannot take root in the lawn. One should apply it in the early spring, around the time that daffodils flower in Maryland. Some products will work for several months to catch the most seeds possible. Be careful, however, to read the instructions well if you are applying it yourself, as the herbicide may stunt the growth of the lawn grass also. It is best to wait around two months or two mowings before reseeding the lawn. 

Dealing with It in Summer

In the summer, one can take a direct approach and pull out the crabgrass croppings by hand, using a trowel and some water if necessary to loosen the soil. Otherwise, one can use a post-emergent herbicide to kill the plants. Read the description of the product to see if it is selective or non-selective. Herbicides tend to risk deadening both the undesired and the desired plants. If crabgrass is giving you trouble in your lawn, contact Michael Bryan Landscapes to help you achieve an immaculate landscape.

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