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How to Layer a Flower Bed

How to Layer a Flower Bed michael bryan landscapes

A few fundamental principles will help you develop a garden bed design that will give you beautiful leaves and blooms throughout the year

Creating a flower bed involves using the elements and principles of design, such as line, color, form, texture, and shape. However, it does not have to be overwhelming. A few fundamental principles will help you develop a garden bed design that will give you beautiful leaves and blooms throughout the year. Michael Bryan Landscapes is here to help you achieve the best in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Shortest to Tallest

The very first principle to keep in mind for arranging a flower bed is to place plants from shortest to tallest. The shortest go in front, the medium in the middle, and the tallest in the back. If it is a flower bed island, the arrangement is concentric. There is room to break the rules, but this is the standard layout. One should measure plants according to their expected height in maturity.

Color Coordination

One can have multiple color schemes in the garden, even a mix like the rainbow. One can also go with cool colors (blues and violets) or warm colors (reds, oranges, and yellows.) If you use both, placing the cool colors in the back will make the garden look larger, but warm colors in the back will make the garden bed seem closer.

Varied Textures

Plants also come in many textures, such as large, bold colors and leaves, and intricate, delicate petals and leaves. Use a variety of textures evenly dispersed throughout the garden bed for interest at every square inch. In general, large, bold plants should go in the back while smaller, more delicate plants go in the front.

Seasonal Interest

Plants flourish and go dormant in different seasons. Yet another condition to follow is to choose a collection of plants that will always have something in bloom. Also consider ornamental winter plants that provide greenery or interesting textures during the most dormant time of year.

Room for Extras

When you layer a flower bed, you will have several anchor plants that create the framework. You can add other plants of varying textures, shapes, and colors in between, such as grasses, groundcovers, annuals, and bulbs. 

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