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How to Mulch Flower Beds in Spring

How to Mulch Flower Beds in Spring

Mulch makes a difference; here’s how to apply it to your garden.

As the weather begins to warm, you might wonder about mulching your garden beds. Your flower beds might have a variety of plants growing there, from perennials to grasses to trees, and mulch can help all of them thrive. Here’s a quick guide on how to mulch flower beds in spring.

When to Mulch Flower Beds in Spring

If you mulch your flower beds too early, the topsoil will warm up slower to the new season. On the other hand, mulching too late will leave you with potentially hot soil that’s unhealthy for plants. It’s best to mulch flower beds in spring just as the soil is warming up. In Maryland, it would be in MarchApril.

How to Mulch Flower Beds in Spring

Applying mulch is easy. Empty out a portion of your mulch onto the desired flower bed. Use a garden rake with metal tines to distribute the mulch evenly over the area, avoiding disturbing existing foliage. Go over the garden bed again to uncover any plants that are just emerging.

Why Mulch Flower Beds in Spring?

Keep Soil from Getting Hot

Is mulching worth it? Many plants thrive in moderate conditions, where the soil is not too hot and not too cold. That’s why it is best to plant bulbs, seeds, and plants in the spring or fall. Mulch protects the soil and thus plant roots from getting too hot in summer.

Moisture Retention

For sandy soils, mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, giving plants the hydration and nutrients they need to flourish. As mulch breaks down, it provides moisture and nutrients to the plants, while the topmost layer insulates soil moisture. 

Break up Clay Soil

For clay soils, the mulch helps to break up the sticky clay as the worms digest the mulch and produce rich soil. There is no need to remove old mulch when adding new; the more mulch in your clay soil mix, the better.

Curb Appeal

Of course, once you’ve finished mulching your flower beds, your home will look great

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