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Ideas for Landscaping Your Side Yard

Ideas for Landscaping Your Side Yard

There’s the front yard, and the back, but what about the side yard?

While the front and back yards of homes get the most attention in residential landscaping, the sides of the house also matter. It is the way one gets from the front to the back without having to trek through the house. The side of the house can be just as exquisite as the rest of the property. Below is a summary of ideas for landscaping your side yard.

Create a Path

Your side yard does not necessarily need an established pathway, but as it is a high-traffic area, the lawn in this area can easily become matted or patchy. The solution is to add a walkway that will fit with your overall scheme. It can be as subtle or as bold as one would like, either with stepping stones, concrete, or flagstones with groundcover between the cracks. If you live on a slope, you may want to create stairs in this area. Even so, a path can be straight, curving, or whatever shape you’d like.

Gated Backyard

Another way to distinguish the side yard is to add a gate or door. If you are looking to install a fence for pets or children, this is your perfect opportunity to create a mysterious aesthetic between the front and back yards. To go even fancier, you can possibly have a door leading to a secret garden.

Arbor Path

With a gate at the side of the house, you can add an arbor overtop of it for style. An arbor is a wood or vinyl structure similar to a door frame, with a trellis at the top. This creates a defined entry into the backyard. You could have an arbor by itself or create a tunnel, with vines trained over them. Wisteria, morning glory, honeysuckle, and many more species are popular for arbors.


Perhaps your side yard may be wide enough to be more than just a passage from front to back. It may be the ideal place for creating a garden. If you are interested in growing your own vegetables, the side yard may be the best place to do so. This way, your backyard will be completely free for entertainment and relaxation purposes.

Place of Rest

Even if the rest of your landscaping may be perfect for spending time outdoors, the side of the yard may also lend your family or your guests a seat for some peace and quiet. Placing a bench along the house is a simple way to create a place of rest.

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