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Ideas for a Winter Landscape

Ideas for a Winter Landscape

Did you know your backyard could be full of life in the winter? Here’s how.

On December 21, 2019, winter will officially begin. Even so, we are already starting to feel the season approaching as the weather turns colder. Before the first frost or first snowfall, one ought to consider how to spruce up the backyard landscape for winter. If you have a lawn, you will want to winterize it so that it stays fresh for the spring. If you have other plants in the mix or lack thereof, here are some helpful ideas for creating a winter landscape.


No matter what the season, it is always beneficial to have at least one evergreen in your yard. That way, when the deciduous trees shed their leaves, your conifer, pine, or spruce will be there to liven the place with its greenery. Do not forget broad-leaved evergreens as you consider your tree or shrub of choice; hollies, some laurels, boxwoods, and more can liven your backyard year-round.


In the wintertime, anything but the green foliage of spring and summer takes center stage. The trunks and branches of trees tend to stand out a lot more when all is barren. However, winter is the perfect season for these aspects to come out. Some trees, like dogwoods and birches, have ornamental barks that add color and texture to a landscape. 


The closest element of a winter landscape that resembles flowers is the fruits that they produce: berries. Chokeberry, crabapple, and viburnum are just a minuscule selection of the species that produce beautiful fruits at the year’s end. Plus, besides brightening the yard considerably, the berries also serve as provisions for birds throughout their journeys.


Remember that in a landscape, plants only make up one part of the equation. Take full advantage of your hardscapes to add dimension to your property. Retaining and sitting walls, patios, walkways, driveways, and more can stand out like never before in the winter.

Outdoor Features

Outdoor features like gazebos, arbors, and pergolas can also make a statement when the flowers have faded. Although one might think that outdoors is off-limits in the cold, such structures can add charm and grace that invite one to enjoy the quiet and the snow of your winter landscape.

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