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Is a Backyard Pool Worth It?

two chairs facing pool

Are you dreaming of a backyard pool, but aren’t sure if the installation is worth it? Read this!

A backyard swimming pool is a significant feature of any home. Although above-ground pools are more affordable, many prefer the quality of in-ground pools. A swimming pool requires yearly upkeep and comes at a high upfront cost, but is a backyard pool worth it for you? It very well could be. Here’s what to consider before getting a new swimming pool.

Your Family’s Preference

Not everyone loves to swim. Some people love to stay high and dry, but others love to be in the water. The desire to have a swimming pool in the backyard could stem from multiple things. It could be that you love to swim, love the health benefits, or want to keep up the tradition of having a pool. If a swimming pool is a part of what makes a house a home, then it is worth it.

Return on Investment

You might also consider if a pool is worth it from a financial standpoint, which is quite important. Overall, it is not the most outstanding investment; it generally does not produce the greatest yield, although it is possible to recoup the entire cost of the pool. A backyard pool can cost around $50,000, and local codes can restrict the pool’s design.

Family Fun

Swimming pools are excellent for family fun. When children are young, there is nothing like swimming and playing games in the swimming pool. Enjoying a swimming pool at home can be a way to provide great fun for your kids and to bond as a family. 

Entertainment Opportunity

You could also use it to host parties. If you have a backyard pool, you automatically have a way to entertain guests of all kinds, from neighbors to schoolmates to relatives to church families and other groups. All you need is a patio or deck to complete the setup, and you can have a festive gathering. If you are the kind of family that would enjoy entertaining, then a backyard pool could be worth it.

Cheaper Than a Vacation

Despite the upfront cost of a swimming pool, enjoying your pool at home is cheaper than going on vacation multiple times a year for decades. Hotel, transportation, and activity costs can add up. During the Maryland summers, a backyard swimming pool is a great asset to have for a staycation.

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