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Is It Time for a New Walkway?

Is It Time for a New Walkway?

Could it be time to install a brand new walkway? These signs will let you know.

The walkway to your home is a prominent feature that deserves its due care. Your home deserves a beautiful walkway that can safely take you from point A to your front doorway. Decades after its installation, your walkway might not be what it once was. Eventually, it will be best to replace it with something new. Is it time for a new walkway? See if yours matches up to the description below.

Signs You Need a New Walkway

Cracked Pavers

You will likely not see any cracks in your walkway pavers until it becomes quite old. It is also more likely to see cracks in the pavers if the walkway has not been maintained for many years. You don’t have to put up with large cracks in your cement pavement, stone, or bricks. It is possible to save money by replacing only the affected area, but if the damage is extensive enough, it is better to replace it altogether.

Shifting or Loose Pavers

Over time, stone, cement, or brick pavers can fall apart from their original structure. Pavers might begin to come loose at the edges, and soon, more pavers begin drifting away from their original position. Some pavers might also get loose and wobble when you step on them. Other times, you might see moss and weeds begin to grow in between the pavers and separate them further. One could relay the walkway, but one should reestablish the foundation for the most permanent results.


Walkways are built on even, compact foundations and often solidified with a special type of sand. Over time, this foundation can deteriorate and the pathway can become uneven, with some pavers sticking out or forming a wavy pattern. In this case, it is best to redo the foundation completely before relaying the pavers or installing new pavers.

You Want Something New

It could be that you are ready for a new look for your home. Perhaps the walkway material or pattern isn’t living up to your curb appeal’s potential. Michael Bryan Landscapes can help you select the best material, coloration, and style of walkway for your Maryland home!

Bring Your Landscaping Vision to Life with Michael Bryan Landscapes

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